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On Sunday, February 10, 2019, Father Dan invited ALL parishioners to be fully engaged in this campaign.

The video below was shown during Mass! It was a monumental day for Mother Teresa Catholic Church! Stay tuned as more information will be regularly added to this page!

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Building and Land Use (BLU) Committee Updates

July 21 – Site Planning and Construction Phase

With our master plan being finalized and approved by the Diocese of Raleigh, the Building and Land Use committee is evaluating and reviewing proposals from our architect and engineer for the Site Planning and Construction Document phase of our project.

This phase of the project is rather involved as these proposals outline the fees and timelines associated with preparation of the detailed plans necessary for submission to the Town of Cary and navigating the site plan approval process. The architect’s proposal also includes costs associated with the development of construction drawings for the Worship Center and concept elevations for our future Church Sanctuary.

The initially proposed fees were higher than hoped. The committee met with both the architect and engineer to clarify certain items and evaluate methods to simplify some of the line items and reduce the associated costs. They hope to have these agreements finalized within the next few weeks, as they will need to be approved by the diocese.

The BLU committee appreciates the ongoing support that we’ve received. Thank you.

June 23 – Master Planning Phase Completed

The Building and Land Use committee was excited to unveil the Master Site Plan, including the Phase I design, to the Mother Teresa community at events earlier this month. There were many great questions and comments for the BLU committee and our architectural/engineering design team to consider as we move forward.

We appreciate the input and generally we feel as though the Master Plan and Phase I design were positively and supportively received. We have now completed the master planning phase of this process and we are pleased that this plan has been approved by the diocese.

As a next step, we’re reviewing a proposal from our architect and engineer. It’s rather involved as this proposal outlines the fees and timelines associated with preparation of the detailed plans necessary for submission to the Town of Cary and navigating the site plan approval process.

Along with master planning completion and eventual construction, the site plan approval process is a most significant step in our journey. We anticipate finalizing this architectural/engineering agreement shortly. Then we can begin this next phase in the design process in early July.

As mentioned, completion and gaining diocese approval of our Master Plan was a major milestone.  The BLU committee is very thankful for the ongoing support.

May 26 – Master Site Plans Nearly Complete

The Building and Land Use Committee is nearing completion of the initial master plan phase for the future development of our new home on Yates Store Road. We are excited that the master plan will be available for display within the next couple of weeks.

With this milestone almost behind us, we turn our attention toward preparation of a proposal by our architect and engineer to take us through the next steps of this process. We anticipate finalizing this agreement sometime in June. It will outline costs and timelines associated with the preparation of more detailed site development plans along with preliminary building elevation drawings. Once completed, those plans will then be submitted to the Town of Cary to begin their site plan review process.

With valuable input from the Mother Teresa community and the continuing efforts of our committee we continue to make steady progress. The BLU Committee very much appreciates the ongoing support that we have received.

April 21 – Our Journey to Yates Store Road Continues

The Building and Land Use Committee is excited as we continue to reach important milestones in the process toward building our new home on Yates Store Road.

As a result of multiple meetings with our design team and the Town of Cary, we anticipate our master site plan will soon be ready. It meets the primary requirements for access to and through the property, parking and building position. Building and site development will take place in multiple phases.

We intend to build a Worship Center, Columbarium, and some outdoor amenities, in the early stages (Phase I). We will also do a significant portion of the site work and parking areas. The Church/Sanctuary (Phase II) and additional parking will follow in a future development.

We anticipate presenting this plan to the Diocese for approval later this spring, while continuing site and cost analysis for the development budget. Our architect and engineer will soon prepare the necessary site and building drawings for site plan submission to the Town of Cary sometime this summer.

The BLU committee appreciates the ongoing support, suggestions and patience we have received from the Mother Teresa community as we continue our journey to Yates Store Road.

March 31, 2019 – Master Plan Revisions

The master planning architect has made revisions to the master plan to address comments made by the Town of Cary in a pre-development meeting. The architect and members of the Building and Land Use Committee met with town officials to confirm the revisions.

Our plans are now in process with the architect taking into account the directives of the Town of Cary. We look forward to the updated master plan and its completion and we will update you when we have the final plan in hand.

February 24, 2019

The site master plan continues to be the primary focus of the Building and Land Use Committee and the architect. There has been a tremendous amount of support in the Mother Teresa Mission community for the master plan. These are the steps were taking to finalize the master plan.

Satisfy the Town of Cary Requirements

The architect recently presented the master plan to the Town of Cary in an informal meeting. Discussion topics ranged from tree preservation, traffic circulation, building frontage, off-site road improvements, utilities, and others. The design team is studying ways to meet the Town’s requirements while also being mindful of the desired design elements and the budget.

Budget Verification

After adjusting the master plan to meet all of the town’s requirements, we’ll complete a construction cost estimate. The cost estimate will include the site development and building costs associated with Phase 1.

Based on parking and other requirements of the town, it is likely that about two-thirds of the site will need to be developed in Phase 1 with the rest of site development occurring in Phase 2.

However, the Phase 1 building is anticipated to be slightly more than one-third of the total developed building square footage of the total build-out of Phase 1 and Phase 2. So the Phase 1 budget will need to carry a larger portion of the site development costs than when the larger Phase 2 building is completed.

Final Diocese Approval
Lastly, we will seek formal approval from the diocese of the master plan and move into building design.

The BLU appreciates your patience while we work through the master site plan design process with the Town of Cary.

January 27, 2019

The design team recently took an important step in the master planning process with the Town of Cary. The town offers a pre-application meeting where the design team receives feedback from the town staff who oversee the implementation of Cary’s development standards.

The meeting to discuss our site plan revealed some additional criteria that will need to be considered before the master plan can be finalized. The design team is working on strategies to satisfy Cary’s development standards while maintaining the vision and desires expressed by our community.

December 24, 2018

The Building and Land Use Committee had a big year thanks in large part to the incredible interest in the future church site on Yates Store Road. We’ve received a tremendous amount of thoughtful and welcome input on the site through written surveys, town hall meetings, and other events.

This master plan will shape the site for many generations ahead. It is truly a special opportunity for all of us to be part of it. We offer much gratitude for your input.

The year ahead is exciting as we prepare to present the master plan to the diocese in January.

Shortly after receiving diocesan approval, we anticipate hiring an architect who will then start design of the phase one building.

We wish everyone a Merry and Joyful Christmas!

November 25, 2018

The BLU committee and design team is scheduled to present the master plan to the diocese January 9. Securing Diocesan approval is a necessary before we can advance into the design of the building.

In the meantime, we are coordinating with development plans of a possible school and residential neighborhood to the south and west of our site. It will be important for the long term benefit of all parties that a cohesive plan is put in place.

Lastly, the design team continues to make adjustments to the parking areas to improve accessibility.

October 28, 2018

The BLU Committee continues to work with the design team on the master site plan. The Yates Store Road site is beautiful, but it presents challenges due to the topography. There is about  a 40 foot. difference  from the highest point on the site to the lowest..

The design team is working hard to find the best solution to ensure parking is sufficiently sized and not too steep. The design options also take into account that the construction costs are appropriate. Once the committee arrives at a preferred master site plan, they’ll present it to the Diocese for approval.

September 23, 2018

The BLU Committee continues to work with the architect and site designer to develop a master plan layout for the site. It’s exciting to see all of the possibilities our beautiful 20 acres of land can offer.

The input received from the survey and visioning process is proving extremely helpful  in identifying. Priorities include ample parking with dedicated senior parking, Stations of the Cross, a Columbarium, a covered drop-off, and a prayer and reflection garden.

Although not all elements can be included in the master plan, the team is working very hard to provide a site layout that can accommodate as much as possible.

August 26, 2018

Thank you to all who contributed to the survey for the master plan. There was tremendous interest and many great ideas came out of the surveys. The architectural firm has compiled the surveys to help further understand the priorities of Mother Teresa.

The firm will consider the priorities from the survey and will develop progressively more detailed options to layout the site. This includes various options for placement of buildings, parking lots, stormwater management ponds, and other site features.

The BLU committee engaged a company to complete the initial geo-technical investigation and report. This included drilling a number of small holes in the ground to learn more about the soil characteristics and rock stratum below the surface.  This report’s findings is another factor in the layout of the site.

July 29, 2018

BLU Town Hall Meeting

Steve Sefton and Jason Imhoff, the co-chairs of the Building and Land Use Committee will be hosting a town hall meeting Sunday August 5 after both Masses.

Much work has gone into our preparation for building on Yates Store Road. This is an important opportunity for you to have a say in this process. This is a listening session with the architects we’ve hired to complete our master site plan. The plan consists of a layout of the buildings, parking and other structures on the land to ensure we achieve the best use of our valuable resources.

After a brief presentation, parishioners will have an opportunity to suggest the things important to you for consideration in our building process. Please come prepared to participate in this town hall meeting.

New Building Information

The Self-Study survey has been approved by the Diocese of Raleigh. We can now go forward with the selection and signing of a limited scope agreement with an architectural firm that will provide us with a master site plan.  The master site plan is the rendering of buildings on the land with proposed roads and parking facilities. The process of achieving such a rendering will include a town hall meeting with you, the parishioners, to understand the community’s desires. We are also now able to seek necessary approvals from the Town of Cary. The actual design of the buildings comes later and will include further consultation with the leadership of Mother Teresa and the parishioners.

In the near future parishioners will be hearing much more about the Capital Campaign formally announced on Sunday, October 7, 2018.

These are truly historic and exciting times in the preparation to build on Yates Store Road. As we head into this next phase of our process, we sincerely ask for your prayers for God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit and the Intercession of Mother Teresa that we may truly serve ALL the people of God well and give Him glory by our efforts.

Watch a video of Fr. John Wall, Sunday November 18, 2018 on Vision and encouragement for building Mother Teresa Church.

Watch an interview with some of our dedicated building and ground disciples. Exciting things are happening and a sneak peak into Mother Teresa Mission’s future plans!

August 5 Town Hall Meeting Recap

Many thanks to volunteers who assisted our BLU Committee and Little & Company in the presentation last weekend on our master site planning.  What joy to witness this “next step” in our endeavor to build in Yates Store Rd.  Much good work and information was generated and much more to come.  Remember, this is a broad spectrum look at the immediate needs and future needs of this community.

Attendees had an opportunity to provide comments and fill out a survey form that allowed everyone the opportunity to express opinions and recommendations on what should be included on the site.

Here is a note from Father Dan regarding the building:

One key question that came up was regarding a church or a parish hall?  What I have maintained and continue to insist upon, is that we are building a worship space for our community to be able to gather and to celebrate the Eucharist.  Ideally a church would be the perfect place for that.  However, that possibility relies entirely upon the generosity of this community and our ability to build a church or a worship center where the tabernacle will become the anchor of our faith on that property.  I strongly encourage you to read the “Self Study” that was done that outlines the three phased approach to our proposed building program.  Clearly, we have much work to do and much more dialogue to get there.  Your prayers, your input, your patience and soon your generosity, will all go a long way to helping achieve this dream.

And, we will achieve this dream one step at a time and one soul at a time.  It will not be the work of one or a few, but of everyone.  The hallmark of this community, welcoming everyone and making a place at the table for everyone, is what will enable us to achieve this.  To see in every person, the face of Christ.  Sister Perma, Mother Teresa’s successor reminds us of this wherein she quotes her predecessor, “everyone is infinitely loved by God and all are created to love and be loved, but unless one finds that deep energy and essential existence in one’s own heart, we will not be at peace.”  Before this community was named after this great saint, it possessed that very charism and continues to exude that deep energy to welcome and love all who enter our doors.

Fr. Daniel

St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Mission Master Plan Study

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