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Youth Faith Formation – COVID-19 Update

Faith Formation Families— With the uncertainty of the last week, Faith Formation was probably the last thing on your mind! I would like to assure you, however, that we will continue to provide faith formation materials for all children and have additional resources on hand for sacramental preparation. The current plan is to have our group lesson as scheduled during your normal class time (K-8) this Sunday. I understand that some people may not feel comfortable coming.

Looking ahead, we will probably need to turn to more online resources. I have created a website for faith formation resources and will have materials up there by Monday morning. Expect weekly updates with age appropriate activities and reflections and class offerings for older children. Please rest assured that we will be able to prepare all students in sacramental preparation for their sacraments in May and will keep tabs on the situation as it develops. There will be more details in an email from me on Sunday.

While my first priority is for the families registered in faith formation I understand that the need is bigger than that! Are you an adult looking for some perspectives on the weekly readings or a Catholic School family feeling a little at loose ends? I am happy to include you on my newsletters and website update notices. Please fill out the following form if you are not registered for faith formation but are interested in receiving updates on faith formation offerings during the COVID-19 Crisis

Feel free to contact me with comments and ideas

— Jennifer Gurecki

Youth Faith Formation

Mother Teresa Catholic Mission offers Faith Formation programs for youth in grades 1-9th/Confirmation Prep with a youth group post confirmation as well as Children’s Liturgy of the Word for 4 year olds/third grade.

What you ought to know about Faith Formation Registration

Registration for the 2019/20 school year begins in July 1 and closes at the end of July. Please email Jennifer Gurecki at Registration fees are: $85 for elementary, $150 for middle school and $175 9th grade/Confirmation, with a $35 supplemental for First Sacraments.  There is a $300 Family Cap.  You may notice an increased Confirmation fee.  This will go a small way to supplementing an overnight retreat.  This fee covers most of the costs for school use and supplies. The parish subsidizes the remainder of the program costs and all the staff costs.

All catechists are volunteers.  Please consider becoming a volunteer yourself.  We need both volunteer catechists, setup help and clean up help, and safe environment personnel for all class times!  Volunteer information is available in the registration form. This program is for Mother Teresa Parishioners and registration is limited to MTCM parishioners. If you’re not sure whether you’re registered at the parish, stop by the Information Table on Sunday and ask one of the greeters or fill out a form here Parish Registration Form

Register for Faith Formation Now >

About our 2019-20 program

Sessions for grades 1-8 will continue to be at 9am-10:10am or 10:30am-11:40am in the 2019-20 school year. Confirmation is anticipated to run from 10am to 11:10am as it did last year as well. Kindergarten will only be offered at 9am.

We will be continuing to build and grow in 2019-20. Our Elementary program will continue to use the Alive in Christ curriculum from OSV. We will offer first sacraments (reconciliation and communion) in 2nd grade. For older students who have not yet received their sacraments we offer intermediate sacramental prep.

We will continue to use Catholic Connections from Saint Mary’s Press as the basis of our program middle school program. and supplementing it with biblical, prayer, catechism and team building activities. Grades 6-8 will meet in session at the same times as Elementary Faith Formation.

We are reforming the 9th grade confirmation program to have more service and worship opportunities and fewer class sessions.  The good news is that there are fewer (but more meaningful) Sunday morning meetings… the bad news is, not all service can be done on Sunday mornings.  More details and a complete calendar will be presented at a family meeting on September 15.

Elementary and Middle School (grades 1-8) will continue to have two sessions. The first session will run from 9 to 10:10 AM (as we have run our session this year. The second session will run from 10:30 to 11:40 AM. Each family will be asked to select a preferred session.

We’ll schedule your family together unless you indicate you’d like us to split your children between sessions. In general placement is first come, first served, but there is some preference given to parents who are volunteer catechists. Please register early to receive the slot you desire.

Sacramental Preparation Guidelines

Sacramental preparation (First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation) requires some of this formal, church-based instruction. The standard for instruction is two years formal faith formation and a specialized sacramental program before children are eligible for the Sacrament.

Typically, children in the U. S. receive First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in second grade. That means they need to go to first and second grade faith formation (or Catholic School) and receive instruction on the sacrament. This is done through workshops and take-home workbooks in the home parish, not at school.

Some families choose to hold off on Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. We welcome these students. If a second grader who has not completed first grade faith formation comes to us, we generally enroll them in first grade and they travel forward with a slightly younger group until they complete First Holy Communion (in their second-grade year). They can then skip a grade and enter the fourth grade in faith formation the following fall.

Older children go through a process called Intermediate Sacramental Prep. A fifth grader with no previous Faith Formation would attend a standard fifth grade class. In sixth grade they would attend a standard sixth grade class. But there would be a take-home book for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion and approximately six workshops (Sunday mornings) throughout the year to do a little additional catechesis typically done in the classroom.

This describes a typical scenario. In truth decisions are made together with the parents to best accommodate the needs of the children.

Confirmation preparation rules are similar to the rules for Reconciliation and Eucharist. In the Diocese of Raleigh students are typically confirmed in the spring of ninth grade or the fall of tenth grade.

The actual Confirmation date is decided by the diocese based on the bishop’s schedule. Some smaller parishes are asked to combine their Confirmation ceremony with larger parishes. We anticipate confirming our students in the spring (April/May) but we will not know until the diocese releases the schedule.  Two years of formal faith formation are required before Confirmation along with a sacramental program. The formal preparation years are typically eighth and ninth grade and Confirmation prep largely happens in the ninth-grade year. Through Confirmation youth are invited to take an adult role in the church.

The preparation for Confirmation requires more individual responsibility on the part of the youth than does the preparation for Reconciliation or First Eucharist. Sometimes youth are not ready for this in eight and ninth grade and they are welcome to join the process later in high school as well.

We believe that all sacraments will take place at Mother Teresa in the coming year. In the past families have been able to request to have their First Communions at St. Michael’s. We are now separate communities and we will not be honoring those requests in the 2018-19 school year. If you would like to have your First Communion at St. Michael’s please register in their Faith Formation program.
If you have additional questions about faith formation registration or would like to volunteer please email Jennifer Gurecki

First Communion/First Reconciliation

First Reconciliation and First Communion are typically celebrated in 2nd grade. The diocese requires two years of Faith Formation before the celebration of first sacraments. This can either be in a Catholic school or in a faith formation program.

Registration in Mother Teresa’s Faith Formation program is required to be able to receive sacraments at Mother Teresa Mission. Registration typically takes place between June and July, but you should feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions. Please email the coordinator at or call the main office for more details.


Confirmation is typically celebrated in the spring of 9th grade or the fall of 10th grade. The diocese requires two years of Faith Formation before the celebration of first sacraments, this can either be in a Catholic school or in a faith formation program. Sacraments take place in a youth’s home parish, so registration in Mother Teresa’s Faith Formation program is required to receive sacraments at Mother Teresa. Registration typically takes place between May and August, but you should feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions. Please email the coordinator at or call the main office for more details.