Fr. Daniel blesses the blankets that Mother Teresa youth made for Birth Choice.  

Blessings for Birthchoice is a ministry that provides handmade baby afghans, quilts, burping cloths, hats, socks, or clothing to anyone who visits Birthchoice.

If you enjoy knitting, crocheting, sewing, or quilting and would like to share your talents by joining this ministry, please email Luanne Jeffery.

Birthchoice, a Catholic Pregnancy Resource Center in Raleigh,  provides free counseling, pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, and material help to women in crisis pregnancies. Birthchoice seeks to reduce the repetition of unplanned pregnancies by encountering the whole person where they are in a loving, respectful, and professional environment. Counselors are on call from 8 am-10pm daily to help families both spiritually and practically.  They offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.   Want more information?  Contact BirthChoice Wake at 919-781-5433  or 


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