Hurricane Dorian’s impact to North Carolina and our diocese was limited and sporadic. Some areas were hard hit with tornadoes and a large storm surge; the state is rallying around these areas to provide support.

There will be long-term needs to address where funding will be required, however we are not seeing the overwhelming need that existed following Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence. In the Bahamas, however, the devastation is greater with widespread impacts that will require a large, immediate and long-term response.

Individuals interested in helping with local recovery efforts in North Carolina are encouraged to visit

Individuals wishing to support response efforts in the Bahamas are encouraged to donate to Catholic Relief Services

A USCCB press release from September 4th encourages individuals to donate to Catholic Relief Services to assist survivors in the Bahamas.

We join with the faithful throughout our diocese and the world, in praying for protection, healing and support for those affected by this devastating storm.

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