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The Master Site Plan for the church we will build on our Yates Store Road property is complete and has been shared with the Mother Teresa community!  Phase 1 of the two phase plan is tentatively scheduled to begin the Summer of 2020.  See drawings of phase 1 as well as the final phase below:

Mother Teresa Catholic Church

Phase I Final with site data

Phase I Final with site dataSee the Building and Capitol Campaign page for ongoing updates!

Mother Teresa Catholic Church  – Master Site Plan Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

(please note: these questions and answers will vary in accord with the progress of our plans)

Q: Where are we in the design and building process?

A: As an initial step in our process the BLU committee received valuable input from the church community working with our Architect/Engineering team to employ the findings of our surveys.  We have a Master Site Plan that we believe reflects the future vision for phased development of the MTCC property, which incorporates many of the suggestions of the community while meeting key requirements necessitated by the Town of Cary.  The Master Plan has been approved by the Diocese and is being presented to the Parish community this week.

Q: What are some of the key components of the Master Plan?

A: The Plan is intended to be a Phased development (2-3 phases) with the Worship Center along with ample convenient parking, primary site traffic accessibility, the columbarium and some outdoor worship space/amenities to be completed in Phase I.  Phase IA would include the expansion of the Worship Center building to accommodate office and meeting rooms depending upon the availability of funds.  Phase II of construction is to build the Church Sanctuary along with the additional necessary parking and a connector between the two buildings.

Q: What are some of the key transportation accessibility items associated with this Plan. 

A: Based on the size of the MTCC property the Town of Cary will require the we provide the ability for future connecting roads to neighboring properties to the north, west and south.  We will construct an east/west connector road along the northern property line, which will serve as our primary and most logical access point (opposite the Weldon Springs intersection on Yates Store Road).  The plan also reflects a stub road to the south for a future connection to the extension of Sentinel Ferry Road, when it is constructed, which will provide additional access to Yates Store Road.  A strength of the Phase I plan allows MTCC to be self-sufficient in its transportation design without being reliant on the timing of neighboring development although neighboring developments will also enhance our connectivity.

Q: Will there be a covered drop-off for the Worship Center and the future Church building?

A: The Phase I plan reflects an area that will conveniently serve for a drop-off that is planned to be covered and function with the traffic flow through the property.  There is a drop off area shown on the Master Plan associated with the Church building, but it’s configuration will need to be finalized as we develop that design in the future.

Q: What is the difference between the Worship Center and the Church?

A: The approximately 12,000 square foot initial phase of the Worship Center is intended to include a 600-700 person seating area to provide primarily for Mass and community gatherings.  We intend to be focused in creating an atmosphere that will provide for a prayerful and reverent experience for community.  In Phase II construction of the Church we will then re purpose the Worship Center based upon the needs of the MTCC community at that time.  We will endeavor to provide as much practical use space (offices, rooms, storage etc) in the Worship Center as our finances allow.

Q: Can neighbors object to our plan requiring us to go before the Cary Town Council for approval?

A: Though a neighbor may express a concern, our property is reflected on the land use plan and by zoning is approved for our intended use.  If we adhere to the code requirements (which we intend to) and don’t request a significant exemption or variance beyond the authority of staff approval then we would not be required to go before the Town Council to request their support.

Q: What happens next in the process and when do we anticipate starting site construction?

A: Our next step is to provide detailed site construction/elevation drawings for the Site Plan to obtain a building permit from the Town of Cary.  We are working with Little Diversified Architects who will provide outline costs along with anticipated timelines for the preparation of these drawings and navigating the approval process.  Our goal is to be in position to submit our plans for review later this summer.  Once submitted this process in Cary requires significant approval time, perhaps 9-12 months. We have a goal of beginning site construction next summer, but our timing will depend on how quickly this process is able to move forward.  Based upon the elevation changes (existing slope) across the property it will be important to do our site grading during the spring/summer months.  We would anticipate roughly 12 months of site and building construction from the beginning of the site grading process.

Q: How much is this going to cost and do we have enough to build it?

A: While we do not have exact figures yet, and will not have them until the actual design of the building is done, we do have “rough figures” which in part enabled us to launch our capital campaign with the goal of being able to both develop the land to the point of meeting the Town of Cary requirements and building a worship center that will enable us to begin meeting in our own space and get out of our rental contract with Green Hope High School.  The best “rough estimate” we have been given thus far is $5-5.5 million dollars.  Clearly we will work hard to keep that cost on the lower side.  To date we have raised just over $3.7 million dollars.  We know we will have to borrow money from the Diocese to commence building.  The more we borrow, the greater our mortgage debt and the less able to provide programs and services.  So we HOPE to be able to raise just $300,000 more from just under one half of our congregation who have yet to answer the call to give.  Please, if you are one of those who has not given, won’t you help us to achieve this important milestone?

Q: Why don’t we just build a church building now?

A: We would love to be able to do that.  The cost of building a church building would be roughly double what our present project looks to cost us.  That said, with less than $4 million raised, it is very unlikely that we will be able to raise another $5 million from those who have not made a pledge to achieve this milestone at this time.  As we promised when we began this process, we would build what we could with what was given.  That remains true to this day and we will work hard to make certain every dollar raised is well spent.  Thus far our only expense have been design and land fees necessary for the master site plans.

Q: What more can I do to help?

A: Your prayers for the success of our project are very much appreciated.  We know this is a big task ahead but we also know how God has blessed this project thus far. To those of you who have made a sacrificial gift, we wouldn’t be here without your generosity.  Thank you!  To those who have yet to give, we truly need you and we are relying upon you to help make this a success.  Have trust in God have hope in our parish future!

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