Our Parish Church Will Rise on Holy Ground

When the first shovel of dirt is turned for the Mother Teresa Parish church it will join several other churches scattered through the area, some dating back to the early 1800’s.

Before the mid 1800’s most people in Green Level could easily travel to two nearby churches, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church to the northwest on Mt. Pisgah Church Rd. and Salem Baptist Church in Apex. But when the Union army swept through the area at the end of the war, they killed most of the livestock, including horses, so travel became difficult.

In 1870, several families formed Providence Baptist Church. The church met in the Old Whiskey Tavern at the bottom of the hill. A few years later, they built a two-story building at the top of the hill.

Eventually the congregation outgrew that building and in the early 1900s they built the church, now called Green Level Baptist Church, that still stands there to this day.

Local historian Warren Holleman notes that many early congregations started meeting in open-air structures such as White Oak Missionary Baptist Church on White Oak Rd., and New Hope Missionary Baptist on New Hope Church Rd.

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