We Share Giving Website is up

Go online to: motherteresa.weshareonline.org 

  1. Register with your email and password
  2. Click “Make a Donation”
  3. Click “Recurring Donation”
    You can enter an amount for weekly, monthly, etc. and select which day of the week you want it to come out of your account.
  4. Pick your “Recurrence” Start
  5. Choose your payment type
    • Checking/Savings Direct Withdrawal
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card
  6. Enter Your Payment Details
  7. Create Your Contact Information
  8. Confirm Your Information

Here are some important information when making a choice:
• Checking/Savings Direct Withdrawal provides the best bang for your buck.
• Debit/Credit Card charges Mother Teresa a service fee up to 3%, but however you choose to give, we will be grateful!

Stock Donation Download Form Here

For more info contact Michelle Yeh: mtccfinassist@gmail.com or call the parish office (919) 623-1751.

Charitable Giving in the Wake of New Tax Law: Click Here

This article explains several charitable giving strategies that could help you while you are helping others.  You are encouraged to read it over and consult with your personal advisors to see what might work for your situation.

If you shop on Amazon, consider choosing to support MTCC! Simply follow THIS LINK to get started. Then whenever you shop, go to smile.amazon.com instead of the plain amazon.com and a percentage of all of your purchases will be donated to MTCC. It really adds up and is a great way to contribute income to our parish without spending anything extra!

All funds raised from Amazon Smile will go directly into our Capitol Campaign Fund to help us build our new home on Yates Store Rd. To learn more about Amazon Smile, click on the “About Amazon Smile” tab, located on THIS PAGE.

While setting up AmazonSmile you may come across a browser extension called Smilematic.
It redirects you to smile.amazon.com automatically whenever you shop Amazon so you don’t forget to type it in.
Here’s the tool: https://couponfollow.com/smilematic