COVID-19 relief aid delivered to the poor at St. Matia Mulumba, Uganda

Recently the Support St. Matia Mulumba Board of Directors wired funds from your donations to help the poor and hunger affected by COVID-19 at Fr. Charles’s parish.
155 families received a supply of maize flour, beans, sugar, salt, cooking oil, bread, soap and wax matches.
Through your generous donations you have been the hands and feet of Christ to our brothers and sisters in Uganda. Fr. Charles expresses his sincere gratitude:

Dear Mother Teresa,

There are no words to adequately express our deep gratitude for the timely and generous financial assistance you have given to us as Relief Aid during this Covid-19 pandemic. We are indeed very grateful. Please be assured that this assistance will be used as you have intended it.  We continue to pray to the Lord to strengthen our resolve to serve him in his people and most especially the poor and vulnerable.

Warmest regards.
Fr. Charles Lugenda

Mother Teresa’s Generosity

The main church campus of St. Matia consists of the church, offices, rectory, Our Lady’s Chapel, a grade school and high school, a fellowship hall, a health center, teachers’ and nurses’ quarters and a convent.

St. Matia Mulumba utilizes 2 water tanks along with piped running water from the local town of Kiganda. Water is harvested during the rainy seasons and stored for use. It must be boiled in order to consume it.

Solar energy and hydroelectric power are sources of energy.  For transportation, the majority of people in rural Uganda walk, ride bike or scooters and do not own cars.

Many children do not attend school past the elementary years.

Life in rural Uganda is much different than ours. Through the generosity of Mother Teresa parishioners, we have provided many of life’s basics for the parish and community:

  • Water harvesting equipment & water tanks
  • Bicycles for catechists
  • Tuition and school supplies for the students
  • Solar energy panels
  • Biogas equipment & a cook stove for the rectory
  • Rectory plumbing supplies
  • Construction materials for parish office and a roof
  • Parish vehicle and gas fund
  • Renovated the church & 2 schools
  • Constructed a school & latrine
  • Desks for students at 6 sub-parish schools
  • Pastoral Care Supplies – medications, blankets, and solar lights

Thank you for being the ‘hands and feet’ of Christ and providing your loving support to our Ugandan friends!

“Christ has no body now but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours.
Yours are the eyes through which he looks compassion on this world.
Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good.
Yours are the hands through which he blesses all the world.
Yours are the hands, yours are the feet, yours are the eyes, you are his body.
Christ has no body now on earth but yours.”
~ Teresa of Ávila

Peace and warmest greetings from Uganda,

August 2020

Last November 2019 upon the reception of your generous grant for pastoral care supplies for the “Homebound Project 2019-2020” we were so deeply inspired and challenged by your continued assistance that we decided to utilize this grant as a tool for evangelization.  It was a God-given opportunity for us to enter at least 400 homes with material assistance of solar lanterns, blankets, water containers (jerry cans), water basins, bed sheets and fuel.  We created a coordinated and shared pastoral care strategy to enable the entire parish community to evangelize and be open to being evangelized by the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable in our community.

This pastoral strategy was to be based on the Word of God and carried out in prayer.  It was given the name of the Lazarus Pastoral Program (LPP).
I have sent you a descriptive narrative report on this Lazarus project, for you to read and understand the outcomes of your generous donations.

The pictures we sent to you could not capture our emotional experience as we visited with each home.  Suffice it to say that upon receiving the solar lanterns there was jubilation in every home and a song of GRATITUDE— in many different words and melodies. Many were running over with so much joy that they danced!  They have all expressed heartfelt thanks for what they have called a “miracle of compassion, thoughtfulness and care…”. A miracle, indeed, which could not have been possible without the funding from the Mother Teresa Catholic Mission.  We never tire of expressing our deep indebtedness to you for having chosen to share your blessings with us over and over again!
I include a few comments from those who have received solar lanterns:

“I thank the God of miracles and surprises. This lockdown has brought you to my shack to pray with me and give me a lantern which does not use kerosene.”

“I have never seen such brightness in my house. Jesus must be in this lantern.”


Fr. Charles Kizito Lugenda

COVID-19 relief aid delivered to the poor at St. Matia Mulumba, Uganda

Children with the parish car

Father and school students

Students enjoying their new desks

Support St. Matia Mulumba Mission Statement

Mother Teresa Catholic Mission assists the community of St. Matia Mulumba in the Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana, Uganda by helping to provide their community with the basic necessities of everyday life: including clean water, energy, transportation, education, and pastoral care. This is accomplished through prayer and giving with the support of the Children’s Liturgy of the Word Ministry and The Support St. Matia Mulumba Board and Committee. Specifically, our stewardship supports the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in this poor rural village.

We educate our own community, including our children on Catholic social teaching practices. We actively use our talents and gifts to assist our brothers and sisters in need at St. Matia Mulumba in confirmation of our Christian values and the teachings of Our Lord.

Our Extensive Relationship with St. Matia Mulumba Parish

Fr. Charles Lugenda joined the pastoral staff at St. Michael the Archangel from May, 2007 to July, 2008 while on sabbatical leave from St. Matia Mulumba. Through this relationship, we saw a beautiful opportunity to share our blessings with his faithful Christian community in need of many basic necessities.  In November of 2008,  we held our first campaign for St. Matia Mulumba to assist the children with tuition and school supplies. The community embraced the opportunity to help and has been generously enriching the lives of our Ugandan friends ever since.

Fr. Charles had the opportunity to visit our parish several times since his sabbatical and was a guest priest in 2013 and 2014. In June of 2016 several parishioners from Mother Teresa were honored guests at St. Matia Mulumba’s Jubilee Anniversary celebration.

St. Matia Mulumba was a Mission of Our Lady of Fatima Church, Mubende since 1925. It became a parish with the building of the current church in 1966. From 1925-1984 it was evangelized by the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers).  The diocesan priests took over the administration of the parish in 1984.

Fr. Charles Lugenda has been the pastor of St. Matia Mulumba since 2008.  He is their sixth pastor. St. Matia Mulumba is named after one of the Uganda Martrys. The parish is 45 miles west of the capital city of Kampala and is in the rural district of  Kassanda.  According to the 2019 statistics the parish has a population of  26,838.  Out of these 14,032 are Roman Catholics and live in 23 sub-parishes.

Four priests travel to the rural villages to say Mass and provide pastoral care to the people, seeing  them  monthly with the exception of the main substation.  The farthest sub-parish is eighteen miles from the Main Church of St. Matia Mulumba.  It takes about one and a half hours by car due to the rugged rural roads.

St. Matia has 10 primary schools (Catholic founded) with a total number of 3612 pupils.  One secondary school (church founded) with 420 pupils. The parish also has one health center (Grade III) which is administered by 3 nuns and 7  lay staff.

Parishioners are mostly peasant farmers.  The average weekly collection of St. Matia Mulumba and the sub-parishes is an equivalent of $120.00, however some families offer foodstuffs instead of cash.

For more information on how you can help with our efforts in Uganda please contact Judy Adkins

The Support St. Matia Mulumba Board

Chair: Judy Adkins

Vice Chair: Mark Ring                

Treasurer: Brian McGillicudy

Board Member: Jean Fuccella 

Board Member: Frankie Dodson

Board Member: Michelle Yeh    

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Distributing Solar Lights to Villagers

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