The Fundraising Policies of Mother Teresa Catholic Church (MTCC) shall be applied consistently.

All requests for fundraisers shall be presented to the Finance Council for approval or denial. Each fundraiser will be considered with priority being granted according to the following tiers (Tier 1 will be approved automatically):

Fundraising Tiers: 

1 – BAA, Priest Retirement, Diocese 2nd Collections, National 2nd Collection

2 – For benefit of MTCC

3 – Parishioner associated group (i.e. Scouts, Knights of Columbus)

4 – Outside agency (i.e. Carying Place)

Calendar planning will be conducted annually where the ministries and parish sponsored groups will be encouraged to submit fundraising requests. Any fundraising requests submitted after the annual planning period will be considered on a space available basis.

No fundraising is allowed to take place on campus during parish sanctioned capital campaigns and during the BAA.

One weekend per month will be designated for fundraisers (with the exception of November when two fundraising weekends will be permitted). Multiple organizations (not to exceed three) shall be permitted to hold fundraisers on the same weekend. When possible, this weekend will coincide with Donut Sunday.

Organizations are limited to two fundraisers per year.

Diocesan Policies regarding fundraising and handling of money will be followed without exception, giving special consideration to funds raised through the sale of scrip or gift cards (see attached).


Mother Teresa Mission Fundraising Guidelines


  1. Special consideration needs to be taken when raising funds through the sale of script or gift cards in which companies donate a percentage of the profit to the ministry.
  2. Each parish has the autonomy to decide if they wish to participate in this type of program or fundraising but must adhere to the following fundraising requirements of the Diocese of Raleigh.


2.1  The following internal controls need to be in place when fundraising:

  1. Inventory bought must be purchased by the parish – not individual people.
  2. An on-going log of all inventory (coupons /gift cards) with a numbering system or other tracking must be kept.
  3. The inventory (coupons /gift cards) needs to be stored on site and locked up.
  4. The inventory (coupons /gift cards) needs to be reconciled on a monthly basis with the inventory log.


3.1 The following procedures will be followed when handling money or fundraising:

  1. Two people (not related) will be present when all money is collected and secured in the safe.
  2. All money will be put in security collection bags, labeled and sealed after the event. The person sealing the bag will initial the seal on the bag.
  3. Money will be locked in the safe on site at Green Hope until it is transported to the main campus.
  4. Money will be deposited in the church safe after each event.
  5. Money will be counted by the Green Hope Station money counters team.
  6. Money will be deposited in the appropriate financial account by finance staff.

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